Sis, READ your Bible.. That's what we did when we didn't have apps and things.

Sis, technology has made it very easy for us to research, read and find absolutely anything we want online. That goes for the Bible as well. We've become lazy and, have learned to replace our effectiveness with efficiency in some cases. Well in this case, I'm referring to the Bible. I too am guilty of grabbing my phone and going to my #bibleapp to research a particular scripture or read the daily word for the day.

 Ummmmm... What did we used to do when we didn't have a #bibleapp or other mobile reference apps? We grabbed our bibles from off our nightstands and turned page by page, read books of and scriptures line by line. We meditated in the word, owned sacred spiritual time, created reading spaces and dedicated a focus to studying the Bible. With this we grew deeper in the word, had unbreakable Faith and a spirit led relationship with God that was unmatched.

 By no means am I saying that using a Bible reference app is a horrible thing. I know it's convenient and allows you to "Grab N Go" while still receiving biblical essentials. I just need you to understand that our relationship with God should not be something that's quick, convenient or effortless. To build a lasting relationship with God you have to take the time out needed to grow closer to HIM. To understand HIM and HIS way, it will require you to learn HIM. So let's take it back to the beginning. It's simple, Read your Bible Sis!


Here are a few tips to help you read your Bible

  1. Choose a Bible version that's understandable and easy for you to read.
  2. You don't have to start at the beginning of the Bible. Pick a book of the Bible and work your way through it. Read one book at a time.
  3. Pray before you read your Bible and ask God to speak to you.
  4. Read a little everyday. If your new to reading the Bible start of with reading 10 - 12 minutes twice per day. With this routine it, will be easy for you to begin to start reading for 30 minutes per session or more.
  5. As you read your Bible take notes and make reference. Allow what you've read to sink in and resonate with you. You want to apply what you are reading to your life..
  6. Lastly ALWAYS ask yourself two questions after reading:
  • What does this scripture teach me about God?
  • What does this scripture teach me about how I should live?

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