Meet the CEO of Humble Queens

Hey Sis!

I'm Charity, a Woman of God, a Single mother of two sons, Passionate Humanitarian, Christian Creative, Designer, Entrepreneur and Ultimate Girl Boss of many other trades. In early 2017 the corporate burnout became real and I truly lacked fulfillment. I needed and wanted to be a part of a greater purpose designed by God. I knew his promises offered the walking vision I desired. Outside of Corporate America my heart had always led me to be a beacon of hope to women in need pouring positive seeds of; inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. My prayer over the years like many others, was for God to give me the vision I needed to walk in purpose on purpose. 

While going through a season of trials and self-defeat in late 2016, God released the vision for me to birth My Faith His Plan war binder now, Humble Queens. The War Binders would allow me to keep myself and other women; inspired, encouraged and faithful with God's word through devotion, reading God’s word and journaling. It was also then I became more of a faithful giver. Donating partial proceeds from my business to a charity that served families dealing with food insecurities in Rural Central Mississippi.

Fast forward... God is requiring me to give more, do more and build more. In obedience, I will continue to focus on connecting with all that God has assigned me to including creating a FAITH-filed resource closet of apparel and more for ambitious women of faith known as the modern day "Girl Boss".